About Us

Alliance Insurance Corporation is one of the most dynamic insurance companies setting benchmarks in the Insurance sector of Tanzania. Whether it is corporate governance and transparency or taking a leadership stance in promoting the insurance sector into the hinterlands of the country; Alliance Insurance is proud to be leading from the front.

Alliance Insurance is among the top companies in the insurance sector in Tanzania in terms of various parameters under which insurance companies are rated and ranked such as premium income, financial strength & claims paying ability. Alliance has booked a Gross Written Premium of Tshs 72.4 bn in 2017 and has been performing consistently in its 20 years of operations.

Our performance over the years speaks of our ability to perform in a tough and a demanding market.

Principal Activities

The principal activities of the company are that of underwriting all classes of non-life insurance risks as defined by the Insurance Act. The company also handles the run-off of life business written by it till June 2010. In July 2010, the company had invested 70% of the shares in Alliance Life Assurance Limited which exclusively transacts life insurance business. In June 2011, the Company became 99% shareholders in Dar es Salaam Properties Limited which is dealing in leasing out residential furnished apartments, which was an Associate till this date. In year 2013, the company promoted and incorporated a new company, Union Insurance Limited in Uganda which was renamed as Alliance Africa General Insurance Limited on 7th November 2014

Uniqueness in Alliance service is the customer-centric approach. We pride ourselves as a solution provider to our customers by offering committed support in times of need. As an underwriter of the risk, we offer risk management solutions in our everyday dealings this includes risk awareness so that the client is able to mitigate risk. We are organized into seven broad departments: underwriting, claims, finance, legal, marketing, HR & and IT. All departments work in unison to provide ultimate customer delight.

What We Do

Alliance started as a composite Company in 1998 before hiving off its Life Insurance division as a separate Company to meet regulatory requirements. Thus Alliance Insurance Corporation is the holding company with Alliance Life as its subsidiary. As a general insurance company, Alliance Insurance caters to all strata of the society, from the lower socio-economic groups to small, medium and large businesses including higher end sectors like Aviation and Marine.

In a short period of 20 years, Alliance has built tremendous customer confidence and trust through its benchmark service standards, new product offerings and claim settlement policies. Alliance enjoys a high level of customer satisfaction within its consumer community, which is reflected in its robust growth over the years.

Targeted at households, business houses, motor vehicle owners, hauliers, banks and others, the product portfolio of Alliance is always aiming at addressing the needs of the people and businesses and constantly catering to the market needs with introduction of newer and easier value added products and services.


Recognition & Awards:

PMAYA Award (President’s “Manufacturer of the Year Award”) in Finance, Insurance,

Real Estate & Consultancy Services category for 9 years from 2008 to 2017