Instituted in 1998, Alliance Insurance Corporation is one of the most dynamic and elite companies in the Insurance world of Tanzania.Their portfolio of premium customers in the Tanzanian region speaks volumes about their success and their abilities to serve them over the years.

Customers feel secure in being associated with Alliance for their insurance needs.The high level of satisfaction the customers enjoy is due to the excellent service standards of Alliance and their prompt settlement of claims.

Alliance Insurance Company service their customers in Tanzania with their network of offices located at:-

  • Dar es Salaam
  • Arusha
  • Moshi
  • Mwanza

Alliance Insurance Corporation caters to every strata of society – from the lowest possible economic social groups to the high value and high risk assets like Aviation and Marine insurances.Our customer list includes individual households, business houses. motor vehicle owners, hauliers, bankers, aircraft owners etc. The highest level of service commitment has led the Company to achieve an annual turnover of over Tsh 68 billion. This translates into  combined market share of approx  11%, which is laudable considering the current number of players in the insurance market.The growth trend of the Company has been remarkable and it has been continuing year on year ever since its inception, the only exception being 2017 when most major market players showed degrowth.

As an avid and responsible player, Alliance Insurance Corporation is aware of the need to communicate and relay the company’s view and the product messages to the market. It is important for the end user, and prospective users, to get their product information first¬hand and understand the company values.To this end Alliance Insurance Corporation have engaged professional marketing communication partners who help us devise market messages for different market segments right across the spectrum. Some of the media used is for outdoor purposes and some for the print media. Alliance Insurance Corporation also holds periodical meets with various stakeholders, such as brokers and distributors, in order to effectively communicate with them.

As a responsible corporate citizen Alliance Insurance Corporation extend  helping hands to various groups of society – from supporting Education initiatives to offering road safety tips to vehicle owners.

Alliance Insurance Corporation is one of the leading general insurers of the country and has been expanding our network in East Africa. Today we have presence in Comoros and have also started full-fledged operations in Uganda. We are looking to expanding our footprints across the East African canvass and replicate our high servicing standards for the East African population.The modern and ever changing market trends are quite an opportunity for smart companies and the insurance category is no exception. It has its own traditional delivery systems and also needs to adapt to the changing needs and expectations of new demanding consumers. More and more companies need to reach out to these customers, rather than the other way around.

While at one end Alliance Insurance Corporation needs to keep educating the uninitiated sections of society about the need for Insurance in general; at the other, we need to offer innovative methods of service and product delivery. New age media and systems are fast catching the imagination of the new age consumer Alliance Insurance is at the forefront in updating and modernising our services.Future trends definitely favour our approach and we are confident of steady progress and growth.