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Agriculture Insurance

Agriculture Insurance

Agriculture is one of the major industries in the world that is dependent on nature. It is often bogged down by erratic weather caused by climate change, pest attacks, operational issues and even willful damages caused by animals or humans.

In the past few decades, we have come a long way with the inclusion of modern methods in farming and animal rearing, but the industry is still marred by unpredictable risks. Agriculture insurance is a robust and, in many ways, the only way to reduce financial losses when things do not go as planned. Alliance Agriculture Insurance covers both crop and livestock. Both the products have been designed for Tanzania farmers while considering local weather, animal breeds and other crucial conditions.

Alliance Crop Insurance

Crop insurance provides a robust cover to individuals working in the agriculture sector particularly farmers, ranchers and farming business owners.

Types of Alliance Crop Insurance

Alliance offers 3 types of crop insurance.

  • Multi-Peril Crop Insurance
  • Weather Index Products
  • Area Yield Index Insurance

What does Alliance Crop Insurance Cover?

A crop insurance covers both the farmer and his property depending on the type of policy chosen by an individual. Here’s a list of losses covered by Alliance Crop Insurance.

  1. Losses caused by Weather Conditions
  2. Losses caused by Insects and Pests
  3. Losses caused by Natural Calamities such as fire, earthquake, etc.
  4. Losses caused by Low Yield or Low Price

Premium Rates

Insurance Type Premium Rate Indemnity Limit
Multi Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) 3.5% 70%
Weather Index Products 3% 70%
Area Yield Index Insurance (AYII) 3% 90%


Alliance Livestock Insurance

Livestock insurance cover the farm animals such as dairy cattle, beef cattle, poultry, pigs, sheep, goats, horses and bloodstocks. It is a type of agriculture insurance and can be purchased both separately or as a combo with the crop insurance.

What does Alliance Livestock Insurance Cover?

  1. Losses caused by Diseases
  2. Losses caused by Euthanasia
  3. Losses caused by Accidents
  4. Losses caused by Health Issues and Breeding
  5. Losses caused by Natural Calamities
  6. Losses caused by Malicious Acts


Premium Rates

Species Premium Rate Minimum Number Minimal Age
Cattle (Cows) 4% >=5 2 Years
Poultry 1.15% >=100 4 Months
Pigs 3% >=20 5 Months
Sheep & Goats 2.25% >=30 6 Months
Horses & Bloodstock 5.5% >=1 1.5 Years
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