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Machinery Breakdown

Machinery Breakdown

Many businesses have invested large sums of money into acquiring machineries that fit their specific business requirements. However, these machineries can potentially breakdown or stop working. The Machinery Breakdown insurance provides cover against sudden and unforeseen physical damage to your machineries whether at work or at rest and during cleaning, inspection, over-hauling, and removal to another position within the premises. The policy covers all accidental damages or losses due to any causes except those specifically excluded in the policy.

Examples of Machineries that can be insured are lifts, generators, elevators, escalators, industrial machines, and all other machinery that are mechanical in nature.

Scope of Cover

Standard Machinery Insurance Policy covers unforeseen and sudden physical damage by any cause (Subject to excepted risks) to the insured property:

While it is at work or at rest

While being dismantled for clearing or overhauling

During cleaning or overhauling operations.

When being shifted within the premises

During subsequent erections.

The Loss producing events could be:




Machinery Loss of Profits Insurance

You can face a reduction in your turnover as a result of accidental damage caused to machinery/ boilers. Alliance helps protect you from such losses.

The Machinery Breakdown Loss of Profit insurance provides coverage against loss of gross profit due to business interruption caused by an accident indemnifiable under Machinery Breakdown Insurance. The loss of gross profit is as a result of reduction in turnover due to decreased in production and increased in cost of working.

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